A Group from Ireland's Independent College Visits Kunming University

Date:2012-03-31    Source:    Author:wsb    Typeface: Big Middle Small

On the morning of March 22,2012,a group of representatives from Ireland's Independent College visited Kunming University.Vice-President Li Xiang gave them a warm welcome on behalf of the university leadership,and entered into talks with them.Initial progress was made towards future cooperation.

Independent College's Office of International Exchange Head,Mr.Lawrence,introduced Independent College's situation.The college was established in 2005 by the Irish Independent News and Media Group.Over the last seven years,Independent College has operated on a small scale,but with high academic standards.Even though there are only 3,500 enrolled students,in the areas of law,reporting,and internationally registered accounting,the school has achieved obvious advantages and specialization.In addition,great emphasis has been placed on developing cooperative education abroad and this emphasis has earned the strong support of the Irish government.On behalf of the college,Mr.Lawrence expressed their desire to develop cooperation with Kunming University.

In addition to welcoming them on behalf of the university,Vice-President Li introduced the situation and specialties of Kunming University to them,along with its developmental goals.He clearly expressed the university's desire and willingness to enter into cooperation and exchange projects with Independent College.

Considering the advantages and specialties of both universities,Vice-President Li proposed that cooperation should start with short-term exchange programs for students and teachers,followed by more in-depth cooperative projects,with economics,law,tourism,journalism,etc.,forming the core points of contact,leading to greater research and university level exchange projects.

The talks ended with a cheerful and light-hearted atmosphere with both sides expressing their desire to follow-up on the details of these projects.Vice-President Li also presented the visitors with a memento.

This visit from Independent College was made possible by Mr.Fan Jianhua,Chairman of the Yunnan Provincial Social Science's Union,and also received strong support from the famous businessman Mr.Tang Fenglou.