Kunming University Successfully Completes

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In order to provide ongoing support and help for Chinese education in Myanmar and improve the pedagogical capabilities and level of elementary school teachers in Myanmar, on August 5-18, four faculty were commissioned by the Kunming University administration to travel to and provide training in Pyin U Lwin, Myanmar. These faculty included Xie Yanqin from the International Exchange and Cooperation Department, Hao Fang from the Mathematics Department, Ma Hongbo from the Physical Education College and Yang Yun from the College of Humanities. They opened and held the second training program for elementary school teachers sponsored by Kunming University in Myanmar. Thirty-nine teachers from ten different elementary schools came to participate in the training. Through the instructors' patient and meticulous work the training came to a successful conclusion and achieved significant results.




  This training was the second training, involving faculty from Kunming University traveling to Myanmar to provide instruction, since Kunming University signed a cooperative agreement with the Ming De Culture and Education Association in Myanmar. The Association of Chinese in Myanmar has experienced tremendous difficulties in its history of developing Chinese education and passing on Chinese traditional history and culture. The Chinese instructors in Myanmar carry a heavy burden passed down from previous generations and realize the importance of their mission, but there is a widespread lack of professional pedagogical training which has made it difficult for the quality of Chinese education in Myanmar to improve. Kunming University had these issues in mind when it chose to continue with this training, to: improve local teachers' pedagogical skills and level; provide support for local Chinese education; and promote Chinese culture to the best of our ability. After arriving in Mandalay, Vice-President Li reported on the progress of the Chinese education work to the Consular officers at the Chinese Embassy in Mandalay. Chief Consul Du Zhenquan listened carefully to the report and expressed high praise for the strong support to Chinese education in Myanmar being carried out on a volunteer basis by Kunming University.




  At the opening ceremonies, Vice-President Li, glowing with enthusiasm, encouraged the students to apply themselves to their studies and continue to promote and pass on Chinese culture. Throughout the training, the Kunming University faculty overcame severe difficulties and completed the training with a serious yet patient attitude towards the students. The training included teaching on: Chinese Pinyin, Reading Pedagogy, Mathematics Lesson Plan Design, Creating Mathematics Teaching Aids, Calligraphy, Physical Education Activities, and other courses. Throughout the course each and every student was asked to take the classes seriously and ensure that love and care were shown towards each student so that every student would receive benefit and learn some practical skills. The instructors and the students developed a close friendship throughout the training. Following the training for the passing students, they were issued a Kunming University Training Certificate and outstanding students were issued certificates of merit, awards, trophies, and prizes. The graduation ceremonies displayed the achievements of the students and earned strong affirmation from the audience.




This training was completed smoothly and achieved significant results.